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Tips For Wearing The Cheneau-Gensingen Brace

gensingen Front View.

• Wear your brace for the prescribed amount of time (at least 20 hours per day)
• If needed, relieve pressure by loosening the straps of the brace for 15-20 minutes and then re-tighten them. There is generally a 2 week adjustment period before being able to tolerate wearing the brace at maximum tightness for 20+ hours/ day.

• Take care of your skin on a daily basis. This means bathing accordingly, making sure your skin is dry after showering, applying lotion, or exercising. Try to avoid using lotion as it softens the skin making it less resistant to pressure, and can lead to skin break down

. • Check your skin for irritation and red marks. Any red marks should disappear approximately 30 minutes after brace removal. If red marks last longer, a brace adjustment may be required.

• If skin breakdown (sore, cracked, red/raw skin) occurs, contact us. Most likely, the skin should be allowed to heal before the brace is worn again.

• The brace is designed to snuggly fit your specific body curves. If the brace is not worn tightly, it will shift and move around. This is not making an effective correction and can cause skin irritation.



Saddle Covers are used for the axilla section of the brace. The cover slides over the saddle to absorb perspiration.  The covers are 100% cotton machine washable. They are very soft, great for sensitive skin, breathable, and extra absorbent. 
Custom Saddle Covers are a way to keep the axilla section of your brace clean. Please send an email to with the measurement and how many covers you would like to order.  $8 each.  Allow 1-2 weeks for fabrication.  
• Always wear an undershirt or tank top underneath the brace. The fit should be snug without wrinkles. Seamless shirts are preferred and the material should be breathable (cotton).

• Embraced in comfort has great sleeveless and short sleeved shirts

• Long body socks can be found at
• Amazon: Rosette Seamless shirts: has a longer short sleeve

• Amazon has Nikibiki Seamless Tee in a variety of colors. 



Saddle covers.
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