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Kyphosis is defined as a spine curvature of 50 degrees or more. It is characterized by an exaggerated outward rounding of the upper (thoracic) spine, which can worsen during periods of growth if left untreated. For patients suffering from kyphosis, kyphoscoliosis, or Scheuermann's disease, the Kyphologic brace is an excellent treatment option.

The German Kyphologic brace uses specific pressure points to induce spinal correction in-brace. The Kyphologic brace is intended to reduce anterior vertebral loading during adolescence, allowing the spine to move into a more normal sagittal plane position. Adults who wear the Kyphologic brace on a part-time basis may benefit from pain relief and spinal support.

Two 3-point pressure systems are used in the custom kyphosis brace. The first pressure-point system focuses on three areas: the posterior sacral zone, the anterior chest, and the posterior thoracic apex. Pressure points at the anterior lower rib area, posteriorly at the thoracic apex, and a two-pad system located just below the clavicles are also part of the second point system. These pressure points cause the scapulas to retract, resulting in thoracic extension.
The front of the brace has two closure straps. The upper strap applies pressure to the lower ribs in order to reduce rib prominence, whereas the lower strap focuses on pelvic stabilization. This closure system enables the Kyphologic brace to provide pelvic support without adding bulk to the hips.

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