The Cheneau Gensingen Brace is a 3D Chêneau- style Thoracolumbar Sacral Orthosis Brace (TLSO) from Germany. This innovative brace aims for the overcorrection of a scoliosis curve, with the goal of the curve reduction at the conclusion of treatment. Currently, there are only 8 providers who are licensed to provide this style of brace in the United States, one of which is Ray of SoCal Scoliosis Care.


The Cheneau Gensingen brace puts pressure where the curves are, but has open areas that let the body expand during breathing and exercise. Bracing earlier rather than later is recommended. The Cheneau Gensingen brace is fully compatible with Schroth exercise and may be used alone or in combination with Schroth therapy. Effective 3D bracing requires room for corrective movement.

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We supply braces for infantile scoliosis that are customized to a new and growing body. 


We create custom braces that provide correction as the body grows. 


For adults, we offer custom-made braces that are specialized for each curve in the spine, providing correction in the most efficient way.