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We have been treating scoliosis and related conditions since 1997, with proven results for our patients along the way. Meet a few case studies from patients satisfied with their care. 

Treatment Plan

Scoliosis treatment is available in the juvenile, adolescents, and adult stages. More information can be found on our Cheneau Gensingen Brace page.

Cheneau Gensingen Brace page.

Initial Evaluation Visit

On your first visit to SoCal Scoliosis Care, you will be evaluated. We will go over your medical history, current x-rays, and physical spine alignment. The Cheneau Gensingen brace design and treatment will be discussed. During this appointment, we will perform a 3D scan, clinical photographs, and measurements. We will schedule your brace fitting appointment in two weeks.


Second Visit

Two weeks later, you return to SoCal Scoliosis Care for your brace fitting. We will fit the brace and review the fitting to ensure that the pad placements are pressing in the correct areas. We will ensure that you can lay down, sit, and walk comfortably while wearing your Cheneau Gensingen brace. We'll show you how to put on your brace and go over the break-in procedure. Photographs of your brace will be taken and saved in your file.


Third Visit

On your third visit, you will return with your brace to review your progress and adjust the brace for optimal alignment. We will then refer you to get an in-brace X-ray. The in-brace X-rays will allow us to see how much correction the Cheneau Gensingen brace is providing. Once you receive the in-brace x-rays, please email them to We will review the x-rays and contact you to discuss the outcome.

If the brace is providing the corrections, we are targeting. There will be no need to come in for adjustments. Instead, we will schedule you a three-month follow-up visit. If the in-brace x-rays require more brace adjustments, we will schedule you an appointment to come in for the modifications.

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Community Partner

The local community is full of wonderful practitioners providing top-notch patient care for scoliosis. Andromeda Stevens is one of them.

Specializing in non-surgical scoliosis treatment through Schroth Therapy, chiropractic treatment and pilates, she can be found at:


CALL: (818) 970-1222

OFFICE: 16430 Ventura Blvd, #108, Encino, CA 91436



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